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You're Not Alone.


We’re paranormal investigators. We’re pursuing the truth. Many people dismiss belief in the paranormal as mental illness. It’s something most people are afraid to discuss among friends or family. But then again, religious faith is basically the same thing. So why do they get a pass, and we don’t?

Soon after World War II, Winston Churchill was visiting the White House. Having had a long bath with a Scotch and cigar, he reportedly walked into an adjoining bedroom and was met by the ghost of Abraham Lincoln. Unflappable, even while completely naked, Churchill supposedly announced: “Good evening, Mr President. You seem to have me at a disadvantage.” The spirit smiled and vanished.


Mr. Churchill is in illustrious company. Arthur Conan Doyle spoke to ghosts through mediums, while Alan Turing believed in telepathy. In 1920, Thomas Edison announced he was working on a Spirit Phone, a machine to open the lines of communication with the dead people. Scores of actors, business owners, attorneys, medical professionals, and other well-respected, otherwise very sane people who are all known for their razor-sharp thinking admit believing in or having experienced the impossible.


They’re not alone. According to recent surveys, more than 45% of Americans believe in paranormal entities including ghosts, demons, and vampires. That’s almost half of all of us. As many as one in five claim to have actually seen a ghost. Those numbers rival religion. 


So, let’s begin at the… well, beginning. So what exactly is “paranormal?”


The word itself consists of two parts: para and normal. The definition implies that the scientific explanation of the world around us is 'normal' and anything that is beyond or contrary to that is 'para'. Paranormal activity can be related to UFOs, telekinesis, telepathy, miracle healing, witchcraft, ESP, cryptozoology (Bigfoot), and spiritual activity.


But is it real? Since 1922, individuals and groups have offered monetary awards upwards of two million dollars for concrete proof of the paranormal in an observed scientific setting replete with professional debunkers. I mean, these people want to believe, but they’re not falling for any tricks. To date, no one has ever collected those awards. Who knows. Maybe paranormal activity doesn’t like being critiqued.


We here at The Underpresence chase these paranormal events down. We too want to see it for ourselves, and get real, indisputable proof that there is another side. The most common paranormal activity seems to be ghosts and spirits. So let’s explain what’s going on here. Let’s talk about several different types of ghosts and hauntings.


So what’s the diff between “ghost” and “spirit?” Most people use the words interchangeably. But according to the late Hans Holzer, paranormal author and professor of Parapsychology, there’s a difference. He says “Ghosts are similar to psychotic human beings, incapable of reasoning for themselves. Some can make themselves known by sighting, but are also said to be able to speak, change the temperature of a room, or bring a certain odor with their presence. Ghosts are energies that are still connected to the physical world’s energy plane. 


Holzer believed ghosts may be tied to the location of their death, usually a sudden or tragic one, and they often don’t realize that they are dead. Reasons for this may include certain “unfinished business” in this world. Maybe a recently deceased parent believes he still must provide for his family. Perhaps victims of murders seek justice or revenge for their deaths. Some believe a ghost of a person may linger until the love of its life has found another partner. Some ghosts are strongly attached to their home and want to stay to make sure the building is being taken care of properly. At the end of the spectrum, unfinished business can take the form of a more dark energy, typically known as an intelligent haunting, when a person’s death was violent or unexpected.


Spirits, on the other hand, are the surviving personalities of those who pass through the door of death in a more normal fashion. A spirit is an energy that has crossed over into the light and into a different energy plane. Spirits are said to foster positive energy and love as a paranormal entity sometimes known as a spirit guide. You may have one spirit guide or several - they may come and go in your life depending on your need. Spirits won’t typically manifest as visible entities, move things, or haunt you – they’re said to be pure energy that can communicate with you subconsciously.  


Only a small percentage of fully debunked paranormal events or sightings are true ghosts. The majority of them are really sightings of what we call “residual energy” — when an emotional event is replayed continually at the same place. For example, one family reported that at a certain time of night, an apparition of an older woman can be found standing by their stove as if she’s making tea every night, and then she disappears. Residual energies do not interact with people or show any signs of awareness. People who have experienced encounters with residual apparitions typically report the ghosts just passed right through them.


So, let’s talk about energy. The first law of thermodynamics, also known as Law of Conservation of Energy, states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed; energy can only be transferred or changed from one form to another. For example, generating electricity or charging a battery would seem to produce energy. But in reality, it’s just a change in state of different types of energy. Thermal. Motion. Fission. Fusion. We’re taking already existing energy in one form and transferring it to something different.


Energy is in everything we touch or think. Our bodies are mostly energy – billions of electrons spinning around a tiny, almost massless nucleus so quickly that it creates a force that makes us believe there’s something actually here. Our brains use electricity to move thoughts across synapses and neurons. There’s also something called dark energy – another form of negative energy our senses cannot see or detect. Energy is everything, and energy is everywhere. When we die, the energy our bodies use has to end up somewhere, and we’re not yet sure how that works.   


Some people suspect energy has certain penetrable boundaries known as dimensions. Since we don’t yet understand how dimensions or planes exist or interact, it is possible that various inexplicable energies can travel among several dimensions, or potentially co-exist in single or multiple dimensions.


And that, my friends, could open the door to energies we know as spirits, or ghosts.


A common theory about ghosts is that they are energy manifestations of the souls of once living people, or even other animals. Some paranormal experts believe ghosts are spirits, or energies, that cannot fully reach a final destination for a number of reasons, some of which we may understand, and probably many more beyond human comprehension.


It’s also thought that some ghosts may borrow or share energy from living people, fire, or even batteries. Underpresence investigators have experienced a sudden and inexplicable battery drain during several of our more active paranormal investigations. Supposedly, it takes a tremendous amount of energy for a spirit to manifest into an entity that can communicate with people in our dimension. Hence, Father Jesus’ secret weapon, his “spirit magnet” - a modified Tesla coil that fills a room with energy (and ozone). 


Ghosts are said to reveal their presence to the living for various reasons. It’s thought the manner of their behavior may be affected by their personality while they were alive. People who lived evil lives may be ghosts that haunt people or places. Shadow ghosts have no clear origins but they appear as dark grey to black forms at varying heights of 1–6 feet. Father Jesus ran into one above his head in this episode: There are also shadow people, considered to be watchers or observers from another dimension, typically manifesting as tall dark humanoids with or without eyes.

Apparently, there are ghosts who are unaware of the fact that they’re dead. Remember the movie The Sixth Sense? Spoiler alert - Bruce Willis’ character continued “living” as he did while still alive until he figured it out. Supposedly, some ghost entities are just as startled by the presence of you. They may believe they’re real, and you’re the ghost!


A medium can often help lost or confused ghosts “cross over” or leave our dimension by telling them about their death, passing on a message to a living soul, and helping them understand they no longer need to stay in this dimension.


There are different types of hauntings. An intelligent haunting can be pretty spooky. This is defined as an entity capable of communicating or interacting with the living. And that’s where things get really interesting.


Demonic hauntings are intelligent occurrences that happen when dark entities haunt people or specific locations. In some religions, demons are also fallen angels. They’re quite powerful and intelligent, and can manifest in several different forms. Demons have been reported playing pranks on people, and in some cases, they’re potentially harmful. Haunted people or items may carry a demon with them even if they move to a new location. An exorcism performed by a priest or shaman may expel a demon from a possessed body, item, or place.


A succubus is a demon in a female form that appears in dreams and takes the form of a woman in order to seduce men, usually through sexual activity. The male counterpart to the succubus is the incubus. Religious traditions hold that repeated sexual activity with a succubus may result in the deterioration of health or mental state, or even death.


Honestly, we’ve never believed in truly demonic hauntings. We’ve found their stories are quite familiar, and the subjects were on the brink of mental collapse even before their haunting. Most likely, they’ve manifested their own visions and experiences, which clearly explains why they’re typically very similar to popular horror movies. Humans in their own right can be pretty darn demonic, even without paranormal powers.


Ghosts of children are sometimes intelligent. They normally mean no harm and simply want to play. Demons can supposedly disguise themselves as children. We’re more apt to believe many children are merely demonic humans, but who knows. 


Poltergeists translates to “noisy ghost,” which refers to its apparent ability to make noise, throw around objects, and otherwise disrupt our physical environment. Somehow, these “ghosts” have the ability to manifest enough energy to bite, pinch, scratch, and harass human victims. Some can move, throw, and break objects. Most paranormal experts believe poltergeists have nothing to do with ghosts, but are rather the manifestation of active kinetic energy generated in the subconscious of living human beings. This makes sense, because most ghosts can’t harbor enough energy to move large objects or break things. And, poltergeists aren't typically visible the way ghosts are. Rampant hormones and teen angst during puberty might just be the source of the turmoil that feeds the typical poltergeist.


Both residual and intelligent hauntings can produce noises including moaning, voices, banging, knocking or even screaming. Some people report smelling strong odors in places with high levels of paranormal events including perfume, cigar smoke, or even food.


Living ghosts, also known as out-of-the-body experiences or astral projections, may result in the encountering of a spirit or energy of someone who’s still alive. A person may unknowingly leave an energy imprint of a younger self during a traumatic experience.


Phantom ships or vehicles may manifest using energy shared by its passengers. Ghost ships or apparitions of sunken vehicles are said to foreshadow tragic events at sea. Some people report seeing the funeral procession carrying Lincoln’s body back to Springfield, Illinois after his death. We don’t buy into this too much either. 


Angels are higher-level spirits bearing positive energy, but who never lived as a human. Angels are said to protect humans from dark entities and in some cases, other humans. Angels theoretically have the power to manifest in a body should they choose to. Guardian angels are spirits with human origins. Not as powerful as angelic-angels, but still pretty darn useful in many situations.

Have we seen or experienced paranormal events ourselves, everyone asks? The answer is a resounding and unwavering yes. During our investigations, we typically encounter at least one thing we cannot debunk or explain. As children, both Victor Pruna and Father Jesus saw and felt an intelligent entity which led them on this path to discovery. Their true stories will appear in an upcoming book. Subscribe to the YouTube channel for exclusive access at!