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  • INFRARED/NIGHT VISION VIDEO CAMERA. It’s easier to capture images in darkened areas. They stand out when not flooded with daylight.

    • Set it and forget it – use a tripod. Wide angle lenses allow you to capture more of the room.

    • Most IR cameras use the 850 nm wavelength – you can see a faint red glow with this light source.

    • 940 nm is more stealth and has no glow, but this wavelength can’t record as much distance as 850 nm.

    • The Underpresence uses this camera:



BEFORE you go nuts with equipment, make sure you have:

  1. PERMISSION. If you do not have permission to investigate a building or landmark, you can risk:

    • Being arrested and charged with trespassing, burglary, vandalism, or even arson.

    • Dying. People have fallen through floors, down steps, and even died in elevator shafts. You don’t want to BE a ghost – you want to FIND them.

  2. HISTORY. To know what you’re looking for, you should know:

    • The history of the building

    • Any previous investigation findings

    • Resident or staff experiences

    • Any traumatic events that took place there in the past

  3. BUDDIES. Don’t go alone. Two people is good, three is even better.

Now for the equipment. Basically, it’s thought that we are all energy. Electrons spinning around an almost massless nucleus. And when we pass on, that energy takes another form, or crosses into another dimension. Your electronic equipment just might be able to detect energies from the other side.

  • YOUR SMART PHONE. It’s a powerful device!

    • Most newer phones record in 4k. Use the LED light to capture orbs and strange shadows.

    • Several ghost hunting apps are now available for Androids and iPhones.

    • All phones can record audio for EVP – ELECTRONIC VOICE PHENOMENA

    • For ANDROID phones, we like this app:

  • A VOICE RECORDER. Cheap ones work too.

    • Ghosts and spirits dabble in energy. Interference in energy can result in spoken words. Turn it on, and let it record your entire session. Make an audible sound when something cool happens.

    • Best to have a device that has adjustable playback speed – faster or slower. Time may not register like ours does in other dimensions.

    • We like the ZOOM recorders, but we have a few of these lower priced units:

  • A “SPIRIT BOX”: A device that scans electronic frequencies.

    • Some spirit boxes use radio frequencies. It’s thought spirits can manipulate these frequencies to pick certain words out of the air.

    • Other boxes or apps like the Ovilus or Ghost Radar are loaded with preset words that spirits might be able to choose based on your questions.

    • Here's a cool unit you can use to get started!

  • AN EMF DEVICE: Used to detect changes in electromagnetic fields in your area.

    • Ghost hunters believe ghosts and spirits can be found by a spike in EMF fields.

    • Use a device that detects very subtle changes in fields. 

    • The K2 is the most popular:

  • AN ELECTRONIC THERMOMETER. Since heat is energy, ghost and spirits borrow that energy to manifest or communicate, leaving a cold spot in certain areas or rooms that can be used to detect a paranormal presence. We sometimes use a thermal imaging camera like this:

  • PENDULUM: Swings to the answers YES, NO, MAYBE, I DON’T KNOW.

  • OUIJA BOARD: A game still made by Hasbro Toys that can supposedly talk with the dead.

  • DOWSING RODS: An ancient tool used to divine water, minerals, or spirits. An inexpensive and simple divining tool.