Who We Are:

Victor Pruna, former priest, ordained minister, and believer in the supernatural has had his fair-share of encounters with the paranormal for over 20 years. Victor harbors a dark-side, and these secrets may destroy him!

Stephen Kurtzke is a NASA employee and a paranormal investigator and tech expert,  He has done over 100 paranormal investigations over the past 13 years.

Father Jesús is missing! Our ordained minister and skeptical psychic medium has performed over 1,000 seances, psychic medium sessions, and paranormal investigations, and calls himself "Magnet to the Spirits." If you see him, please let us know. 


Producers Felicia B, Jake Estrada, and Chuck Fresh round out the crew of professional paranormal investigators who respectfully get results. 


Guest hosts to follow... we're especially looking for talented and open-minded witches and mediums, male or female, hopefully under the age of 50. Submit your headshots to our Facebook page.


Our group chases ghosts and spirit entities. Sometimes it's a little scary, sometimes it's a lot of fun. Experience the adventures of trained professionals in character performing dead serious paranormal investigations. It's a dramamentary that's never been done. 


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